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A recording:

/SYLVIA\is the story of journalist Sylvia von Harden, told as she sits for her famous portrait by Otto Dix (1926). What version of Sylvia do we get to see? Our production is a meta-theatrical exploration of womanhood, contemporary politics and art.

@ Etcetera Theatre, November 2018

Our /SYLVIA\, inspired by the original text of Stéphane Ghislain Roussel, is about perspectives and ways of seeing: how every conceived world is determined by the subjectivity of the onlooker. The piece therefore is a conglomeration of perspectives on who Sylvia is, was and will be: Otto’s perspective, Stéphane’s, ours, yours and future theatre and museum goers. Each perspective no more valid than the other.

To us in modern Europe, it feels as though we are on the cusp of a new age. A tipping point as it were, which will lead either into catastrophe or glory. Sylvia’s Berlin was a place in which art blossomed, individual freedoms increased & where one “lived & died young”.

Where are we now, by comparison? Have we learned from the destruction of our past? How have we constructed what it is to be a ‘woman’ today, or are we beyond gender? What will be in store for us?

(Art has in the past mainly been produced by men, its subject women.)

“And all of this will make a portrait, that represents an era, whose subject is not the superficial beauty of a woman but much more her psychological state of mind.”
– Otto Dix

Is our identity prescribed by the men who have shaped our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers in art?
– Pygmalion, Greek myth

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